The most essential advantage of lighting control is its ability to give you the lighting that matches your mood for the moment.

The smart lighting not only renders a pleasant atmosphere, but also save electricity.

Audio Multiroom System

Multi-room audio availability throughout your home or office with crystal-clear audio is an exceptional joy and convenience for all family members or office employees, who can listen to different music and watch different videos from one easy-to-use system.

Heating & Cooling

By using the control system we provide, you can always have comfortable climate at your home, monitor and manage the energy consumption of the gas for heating, power for AC and lights. This system gives you a detailed information and up to date analysis about your consumption. Thus it is not hard to estimate the next month bill for heating.

Blinds & Shutters

It becomes easy to add sunlight by our automated shading solutions. You can easily raise the shades or lower them for adding or reducing the sunlight, lessen heat buildup and add privacy in your rooms.